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Call for Abstracts

A Specialty Conference on the Analysis, Design, Construction, and Maintenance of Electrical Transmission Line and Substation Structures and their Foundations

*Note: Make sure you can receive emails from [email protected]. Check your spam after you make a submission and/or work with your IT to white list the address.

Abstract submissions is now closed.

All abstracts are due . If accepted, all presenters are required to register for the conference and are eligible for a discount rate.

The electrical transmission line and substation industry is continually facing new challenges. An increased focus on reliability, resiliency, and recovery of transmission lines and substations requires innovative solutions and new technologies to build and maintain this critical infrastructure. This conference provides a forum for managers, engineers and design professionals to discuss past successes, understand current trends and consider emerging technologies for transmission lines, substation structures and their foundations.

The Conference Steering Committee is seeking abstracts (about 350 words) that present new or innovative ideas, demonstrate how to resolve challenges and provide practical solutions to daily work. Project case studies demonstrating innovative or unique approaches are encouraged.


The topics below apply to transmission lines, substation structures and their foundations:

  • Structural Design and Analysis
  • Construction and Maintenance
  • Structural Reliability, Resiliency and Performance
  • New or Emerging Technologies or Materials
  • Innovative Solutions to Industry Challenges
  • Adapting to Global Climate Change

Key Dates

  • | Abstracts Due
  • | Notifications sent regarding abstracts
  • | Final publication-ready paper due
  • | Revisions communicated to author
  • | All corrected papers in paper management system (no revisions after this date)
  • | Abstract submitted to Debbie Smith for printing in Book of Abstracts
  • | PowerPoint uploaded

Final Papers and Power Points

Draft and Final Papers must be a minimum of 6 pages and recommended maximum of twelve pages in length including figures, graphs, charts and photographs. All presenters are required to register for the conference and submit a PowerPoint presentation based on their technical paper prior to the conference.

Any questions please contact Debbie Smith.

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