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ADA Compliance

The Hyatt Regency Atlanta is ADA compliant and meets all regulations. If you require special assistance at the conference, please submit a written description of your requirements with your registration form or e-mail before September 19, 2018. While ASCE/SEI will make every effort to meet the needs of the disabled, accommodations cannot be guaranteed without prior notification.


Attendees under the age of 18 are not permitted.

Attendee Packets

Early-bird and Advance registrants will receive their name badges and tickets at the Registration Desk during registration hours. Due to the time constraints near and after the registration cutoff date, the appropriate paperwork may not have been forwarded to the on-site staff before their departure. Please be sure to bring your confirmation e-mail and a copy of the original paperwork if you registered before October 17, 2018.


The dress code for the conference is business casual (i.e., slacks, casual dresses) to business attire (i.e., business suits, neckties). Meeting room temperatures will vary, so wear layered clothing to ensure your personal comfort. We also recommend attendees wear comfortable shoes. Please note that certain events may have specific details on attire, and you should refer to the event for more information.


Due to high volume of interest in this event, company representatives cannot reserve more than 75 rooms at the conference hotel.

Meal Functions

We cannot guarantee food will be available thirty minutes after an event has begun. For all meal functions please arrive on time. If it's a ticketed event please make sure to have the correct ticket ready to hand to SEI staff.

No Smoking

ASCE/SEI supports a "No Smoking" policy. Smoking is prohibited in all venues hosting ASCE events.

Professional Development Hours (PDHs)

By attending conference sessions and seminars, you may earn PDHs, which are nationally recognized units of record. Please note there are differences from state to state in continuing education requirements for professional engineering licensure. Each state licensing board has the final authority to approve courses, credits, PDHs and other methods of earning credits in that state. ASCE/SEI strongly recommends that individuals regularly check with their state licensing boards for specific continuing education requirements in their jurisdictions that affect professional engineering licensure and the ability to renew licensure.

Program and Session Cancellation

ASCE/SEI reserves the right to cancel programs and/or sessions because of low registration. In the unlikely event of a cancellation, all registrants will be notified and will receive a full refund, if applicable. Programs and sessions are subject to change, and ASCE/SEI reserves the right to substitute a program, session and/or speaker of equal caliber to fulfill the educational requirements.

Recording of Sessions

Video or audio recording(s) of any educational session is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from both ASCE/SEI and the session presenter(s).


Photograph and Video Release: By submitting the registration form, I hereby release any photographs or video that may be incidentally taken of me during these events by ASCE/SEI to be used for any purpose.

By registering I agree to hold harmless SEI/ASCE, its organizational entities, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, members, and agents (collectively “ASCE”) and the company sponsoring the tours (“Southwire”). SEI/ASCE and Southwire will not be liable for any loss, damage, or injury for any act or omission arising out of the Conference events and activities. Each Registrant acknowledges his or her voluntary participation in the Conference events and activities with full knowledge and acceptance of the risks involved, and each registrant assumes responsibility for his or her own well-being.

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